Welcome to the home of the First State Horseshoe Club!

Player lines up to pitch a horseshoe in an outdoor court, hand and horseshoe in focus

Uniting horseshoe enthusiasts throughout Delaware, the First State Horseshoe Club holds regular horseshoe tournaments and gatherings throughout the region. Be sure to check out our tournament schedule for more information on tournament locations near you.

We also support a number of local horseshoe leagues that run throughout the year. Again, check out our schedule for more information.

If you would like to contact the First State Horseshoe Club you can reach out to us directly or contact one of our officers.

Board Of Directors

Regional Director

Dan Carter
28 Gail Road
New Castle, De. 19720

302-602-1045 C
302-326-1311 H


Rich Menton
606 Ilse Drive
Newark, De. 19713
302-598-1761 C
302-731-7287 H

1st Vice President

Otho Lander
3037 Park Brown Road
Harrington, DE 19952

2nd Vice President

Diane Lander
3258 Carpenter Bridge Road
Felton, DE 19943


Mary Lou Bishop
4 Long Meadow Court
Newark, DE 19711
302-369-1721 H


Ted Doyle
12 Martin Drive
Newark, DE 19713
302-547-7699 C
302-456-0116 H


2014 Membership Form Download



Park Brown Pits….. 3037 Park Brown Road, Harrington    (SAND COURTS)

Tournament Director….Dicky Lander  (302) 632-9618  or   ODJ3258@AOL.COM

                                       Diane Lander  (302) 242-5584  or   ODJ3258@AOL.COM

                                       Joyce Welch    (302) 542-6079

                                       Mike Hastings (302) 236-0711  or  MHASTIN4346@YAHOO.COM



Newark Senior Center …..200 White Chapel Road    (SAND COURTS)

Tournament Directors……Ted Doyle     (302)  593-9915  or   TJDJR1966@VERIZON.NET

                                            Joe Michael  (302) 530-2437   or  YANKYREB67@YAHOO.COM



New Castle Moose Family Center….. 621 S. DuPont Hwy  (U.S. Rte. 13)    (CLAY COURTS)    

Tournament Directors………Dan Carter  (302)  602-1045  or  LOTRINGERS@AOL.COM

                                               Gabe Alvini  (302)  545-4511  or  G.ALVINI@YAHOO.COM


First State Horseshoe Club LEADERS

To appear on this list, the member must have at least 3 NHPA sanctioned tournaments during 2013.

Men 40′

Wm. Earl Wilson, Dover 52.15%
Bob Burris, Camden 48.42
Joe Dominelli, Bear 48.18
Dave Foraker, Smyrna 46.94
Joe Smith, Magnolia 44.75
Dan Carter, N. Castle 44.62
Robert Scott, Dover 43.50
Thomas ‘Ed’ Davis, Milford 43.32
* Nicholas Mosley, Dover 42.58 *
Dale Scott, Frederica 42.34
Steve Wilson, N. Castle 39.85
RJ Sylvester, Felton 39.84

Women 30’

Diane Lander, Felton 52.50%
Joyce Welch, Frederica 35.58
Mary Lou Bishop, Newark 31.96
Helen Watson Pepper, Smyrna 23.01
Jennifer Lander, Felton 20.31

Elder Men 30’, age 70 or over

Bob Grier, Newark 55.00%
Fred Reynolds, Middletown 51.47
Jim Hirst, Newark 47.22
Dick Dempsey, Bear 46.98
Roger Pennington, Wilmington 45.58
J.R. Biddison, Newark 31.83
Otho Lander, Harrington 30.00
Al Kastner, N. Castle 19.37
Mike Baker, Newark 17.94

Junior Girls 30’, age 18 or under for the entire calendar year

Lindsay Adams, Ellendale 10.83%

Junior Boys 30’, age 18 or under for the entire calendar year

Erik Lahman, Laurel 23.23%
Eddie Tripp IV, Dover 21.52
Henry Genery, N. Castle 8.42
*Levar Cunningham, Dover 4.25*

Cadet Girls 20’, age 12 or under for the entire calendar year


Cadet Boys 20’, age 12 or under for the entire calendar year

Patrick Doyle, Wilmington 14.02%
*Ivan Cunningham, Dover 4.64*
*Isaiah Cunningham, Dover 2.48*

*“Rookies”: 2013 was their 1st year as a club member